Welcome to Reifer Consultants LLC

Since its founding in 1980, Reifer Consultants has become one of the most respected names in the software engineering and management fields. International in scope, Reifer Consultants helps its clients build a solid foundation for organizational change and improvement. RCI's vision is tied to metrics and measurement. Reifer Consultants's products and services support this vision by tying change to improvement by the numbers (via convincing business cases and hard data) and through the use of state-of-the-art technology.

Why do firms hire Reifer Consultants?

- Firms hire Reifer Consultants to study their software costs, productivity, quality and time-to-market. By comparing these numbers to industry benchmarks, Reifer Consultants helps clients identify ways to increase efficiency, improve performance, speed development and deliver high quality products to market faster than their competition. 

- Organizations hire Reifer Consultants to provide coaching and advice when it comes to change management.  Reifer Consultants has been helping clients move to agile technologies at scale for the past ten years. 

- Clients hire Reifer Consultants to develop independent estimates of the resources needed to satisfy customer requirements.  As one of its developers, they use the COCOMO II cost model to develop their estimates of time and effort needed.

- Firms hire Reifer Consultants to figure out how to get projects back on track. Using the numbers, Reifer Consultants identifies risks and pinpoints the root causes of the problems. Reifer Consultants then recommends corrective actions and helps the projects get back on track.

- Organizations hire Reifer Consultants to develop state-of-the-art software engineering and management skills, knowledge and abilities. Reifer Consultants' hands-on workshops help clients learn the pragmatics of how to harness the power of new technologies like agile methods.

- Research organizations hire Reifer Consultants to generate new concepts, frameworks, methods and techniques.  For example, we are currently developing a safety and security certification methodology for use with agile methods. 

- Corporations hire Reifer Consultants to estimate the value of their intellectual property.  Reifer executives have served as expert witnesses on major litigations where value of intellectual property is of concern.

Reifer Consultants offers a variety of benchmarking and state-of-the-technology reports that have received wide acclaim throughout the industries that they service.  These reports are used by many to demonstrate their performance and that they are making improvements.

Reifer Consultants has recently moved to new and improved facilities located in Prescott, Arizona.  They are about two hours north of Phoenix in the Arizona mountains.  Reifer Consultants is now a Arizona Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Reifer Consultants is currently focusing on serving as an executive coach to organizations moving to the use of agile methods.  Their approach blends agile fundamentals with discipline to extract the benefits that this new technology can offer.



Mar 2014       Agile estimation guide issued. For information and a copy, contact us at "donald.reifer@gmail.com".